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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Area, State of Emergency and Washing Clothes by Hand

Dear Mom,
Well, this week is kinda crazy. We are in this area called Sensuntepeque. It's actually very pretty. Sorry, I didn't take too many pictures this week. It was pretty crazy. My companion is a good guy .We haven't had any problems yet. Just when he beat me and Elder Brinkerhoff at 21. We now owe him 3 ice cream trips to the local Saritas here. It kinda sucks.... Because I won the first round for just one from each guy. Then we decided double or nothing, then triple or nothing. Not the best idea. Oh, fun fact for you guys, the country was on a state of emergency for a while, the gangs got a little excited and started doing the stuff gangs like to do and we were mandated to be in the house by 6 PM the past couple of days. A lot of time was spent in the house eating cereal, playing cards and telling jokes and reading. It really wasn't what we wanted. But now, we are going back to normal schedule this week and everything is all good now. I now have to resort to washing my own clothes, by hand. It kinda sucks. That is why you see all of my clothes on wires hanging outside of the house. We are trying to survive the heat and the end of the month money famines. But we're all good. Tell Daisy and Paul I said hi. And tell Paul he owes me a good Ice cream when I get back. Love you all and keep working in the work and don't stop believing. I know that you are the best guys in the whole world. 

Elder Medina

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