The Lords Chips

Monday, June 30, 2014

Back to San Miguel, New Companion and Baptisms!

We have had a new change I have a new companion who is pretty straight forward, something I really need. He is super obedient and is always working super hard. I have some high hopes for this change. We started out baptizing 3 people Saturday. We put down another good baptismal date yesterday. We don't mess around really. We are serious a lot of the time. He already has taught me a good balance between work and not work. I do understand where you guys are coming from. Not too smart of me. This past week was ok and a bit toughish.But when we got to our new areas it started to get all better. I am glad for this new start. Oh, I am back in San Miguel but I am in Chaparrastique. It is still super hot and crazy. But it is so much fun and beautiful and flat of all things. I am going to try to send pictures today for you guys. Keep working like crazy.

Love you all,

Elder Medina

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Breakouts and Teaching Lessons to Cops

Dear Mom,
Yes, I have Tori's email and I am staying in touch with her. I wish I was able to see Dad in his eye patch. You're working with the missionaries! Sweet! I am so glad that you are doing that. That's probably one of the hardest trials we have, is getting the members to support us and help us out. Things are going alright. My face is breaking out so bad right now.  It is so hot and I am sweating constantly. I wash my face like crazy and I scrub it pretty good. I really don't like it and I would like some advice to clear it up. One thing that I really need is my True to The Faith book. Could you please tell Dad to send that my way. Sorry.  But, something awesome that happened this week. We weren't able to have a whole lot of lessons. But a great load of our investigators are progressing. We are at the moment teaching to cops (dad) and they both are so amazing. They always ask amazing questions. We have been able to testify to them so much and they are doing so well.I love all of you guys mom. Siguen adelantes y firmes y creientes en la palabra. No tengan temor, sé y testifico que el Señor va a darles exito y bendiciones sin numero y sin fin. Les amo bastante.
Love, Elder Medina

Monday, June 16, 2014

Trying to cool off and Kind Words for Mom

Dear Mom,
Well, your prophetic words of maternal wisdom has come true. They have tied the knot. I am happy for them and I hope that everything will be fine. Wow, still, SO YOUNG. Oh well, as they're doing it for the right reasons. I knew that they were going to have Alesia sing something. She's the little performer of the family. I like the horse, it reminds me of Nepolean Dynamite (tell Morgan I said that). I like that Mike got his dancing moves going on too. I am glad all of you had fun. Wow, did they start summer practices already? I sometimes forget that school still exists in the world. Just drill into Emilio ice baths will be his best friend, they will feel like death for a while, but he'll love them after a while. Mom, are you have a hard time sleeping again? I saw the time you sent this last one and the ones past. Don't stress mom.  He's always thinking of you. Just remember the atonement. Even though we don't understand any of it really other than He had such a great amount of love for us, it was all for YOU! You are a daughter of God and only He knows what your potential is and what YOU need to complete it. He's always got your back mom. On another note, danger here is on a normal level. We have had a lady try to contend with us saying that baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Ghost was changed. Hmmmmm, try reading the bible again. And then we had that God is only one person conversation. We had a good session of a bible bash this week. I really don't like it, bible bashing, that is. But there is a quote that my companion has that was by an apostle that I can't remember at the moment. "We don't bible bash, WE DON'T BIBLE BASH, but when we do, WE WIN!" Oh yeah, we've got this! Sounds stuck up a bit. But it made us all laugh. I love all of you guys. Keep on keeping on. Work hard until the end.
By the way, mom. I need some shoe money. My shoes died Saturday night on a rocky road that ripped the sole away. They're only like $60. If not, I understand, I can't share everything. Thanks, I love you guys.
 Thank you mom, Keep on working hard. Like that cute story. I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my mommy you'll be. Have a good week mom.


Elder Medina

                                       It is so dang hot here!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Curfew Changed to 5

Dear Mom, 
Dad getting eye surgery?Let him know I'll pray for him. Give him a hug for me please. Emilio is the activities chairman?! Great! I know he'll do good with that, he's got a million great ideas all of the time. Well, apparently this week should be better, we've had to be in the house at 5pm these past 3 days. The gangs were going crazy on their whole gang life stuff. The sister's area in our zone got shut down because it got so bad. But today has been pretty calm. Yes, Elder Brinkerhoff is here,  he's a funny guy. Me and Elder Ruiz have been going crazy trying to find people here. There is a bunch of hard catholics here who really just like to contend with us. But, we are diligent in finding more and more people to teach. I was able to shower out of a bucket again, it was really awesome. Still peeved about having to wash my own garments still. I am so glad that you all are doing ok. Give everyone a hug for me! Love you guys, keep working hard. I apologize for not sending more pictures. This computer is super slow and is not uploading very fast. Here is a picture of my bed and room. I know it is super messy. I am going to clean it up today. Notice my mosquito net.


Elder Medina

PS- I have to cook for myself here too. Normally we have a cocinera, or a cook. But here, we literally don't have too much. But it's ok, I still remember the food you cooked and I am starting to cook it myself. And I still am a firm believer in cereal and eggs (thanks dad for that!)
Note from Mom: In the last two emails Elder Medina has mentioned "gang activity." He has downplayed it quite a bit, so we wouldn't worry. Unfortunately over 35 people have been killed already during all of this.  It has become a very dangerous situation in their country. Which worries a Mom of course. Please pray for safety and protection for all of the missionaries and people of El Salvador during this time.