The Lords Chips

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Dear Mom,

I will get you a nativity scene, I just talked to a member right now. The whole nativity scene with the building is about $40. That is with the house thingy with it all pretty. I am so jealous that you guys went to the temple to do that. I haven't been able to lately. Diego and his cuteness. I am cute happy he is my brother. Darn it, Emilio is still having problems. I will include him in my prayers. 

I am still wearing the same size of clothes. Thank you for that mom, that will help out a ton. I thought that I was going to have to jump Emilio for my clothes back, tell him I like his snapback. I need one like that :). Ok, I don't understand time zone limits, but, here we will be calling at 4 pm at this time here in El Salvador. You guys, I don't know what time that will be. I am assuming 3 pm. I will see you guys Dec. 25 in the afternoon! Keep going on reading it is hard but it works. 

This week, I would like you guys to read in 2 Nephi 5. And focus on these questions: How to fortify our testimonies? What happens when we disobey God's commandments? Also I would like that you guys would focus on Nephi's example of exact obedience. It has helped me this week a whole lot.  I have been trying hard to be obedient. That is what is the hardest thing. That's my goal, to be more obedient and love my companion more this week. God knows that I need to be better at that.

I love you guys. Keep it up and kill it out there.


Elder Medina

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I've Been Transferred!

I will do everything I can to send Diego a letter. Way to be on your studies and your FHE's. Sorry that this is so short. My time is limited. My companion's name is Elder Arias. He is from Ecuador. He is very new. His area has only 8 investigators. We put down a plan to get some more. I really could use some help. Please pray for us.Thank you all. This week I would like to give you all 2 Nephi chapter 2 this week. I found this and I have been doing a lot of teaching the atonement lately being Christmas. I have a couple of questions that go with it that I would like to have you Mom and Dad answer to me and the little guys tell you all. Why was the fall of Adam necessary? What can we do as a family to fight opposition stronger? My new area is named Zacatecaluca, check it out online to get a feel for it. I love you all. 


Elder Medina.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Missionary Muscles

Dear Mom,

Oh my Emilio. I am terrified that happened. I had my own little heart attack. But I am so glad that he is living at the moment and doing better. Give him a hug and an iced hot chocolate in my favor. I will keep you in my prayers. It sounds like Olivia needs to learn how to wake up for a screaming child. I'm glad I wasn't there to experience the Adult Roles baby.

This week me and Elder Wyatt got super sick. My stomach is still is tender. I couldn't keep anything down. I would eat something then ten minutes later I would be in the bathroom. Same with Elder Wyatt. It was super fun. Puke was coming out of my nose. Not the greatest feeling. I have been trying really hard lately to do exercise. I have seen some good results. I will attach a picture of my now well formed balls of bicep awesomeness. Oh, something else. This morning, Elder Wyatt was violated by a drunk woman. We got on the bus to come to the stake center. This lady wanted a quarter and was trying to kiss him and started grabbing his leg. He shoved her nicely away with his backpack and she got off the bus after about 2 more minutes trying hard. He is still disturbed and sad. I just thought it was funny because he didn't know what to do. 

This week work wise was hard. Sick for three days. But, we did have a great experience. We found a less active sister. She left the church because she got offended by some members. She has been letting us come by and visit her. She really has been progressing. She had been begging God to take away her feelings of resentment to come back to church. She said to us that she has always chased away missionaries. And she never had a drive to come back at all. But she told us when we came by. She said that something woke her up and now she wants to come back. She has helped her non member kids to get back too. They are some of our best investigators now. We have been able to get some really great turnouts on our people who we are teaching. I am glad of what has been going on. We are going to get some good stuff. Bad thing is that I am 90% sure that I am going to be transferred this week. I don't really want to. But God decides. Not me. This week I want you guys to study 2 Nephi 9 and Alma 7. Focus on how your lives would be without the Atonement and how you guys can share that with others. Also what the Atonement means to you guys personally. In Alma 7, focus on your feelings on your baptisms. And how do you think that could benefit others. How can you guys, also, prepare yourselves better to take the sacrament this Sunday and how to appreciate the importance of your baptismal covenants. I would like to see how you guys feel about that. Could you all send me an answer of that next week? Thank you.

Love you all!

Elder Medina

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving in El Salvador

Dear Mom,

Yes, Tori and I still email which makes me very happy. My thanksgiving was spaghetti with oil and salt. And some Arroz con Leche without the Leche, water for substitute. Sad day. Diego and preschool? I hope he will do well. I can't help but draw tears when I see those preschool pictures. He's so cute! Way to drop the turkey on Thanksgiving Mom. That's Funny stuff! I will remember about the emails. Guess who's going to get some machetes for service work? ME! Max and Jessica are so darn cute! What a great couple they are. Nice Christmas tree. We don't have one at all.Ok family. This is something that I have to ask. I was stuck in the house on Saturday all day. It was Carnaval weekend. And really dangerous supposedly. So we weren't able to leave. But I found a letter from President Rau that I thought was interesting. I saw some goals that they had put down for the work in the ward and stake. How are you guys doing on those goals? The one that called my attention more was the family studies. And the conference talk studies. I have seen here a lot of families who really don't do their family prayers and studies. They aren't doing to well. Borderline inactives some of them. Almost 98% problems come from not having that base. I would just like to invite you guys to do that. I have been talking to my companion (not about girl stuff this time haha!) what he and his family did. They all got up at 5 to study together. I know it is lame and it is very hard. But it is worth it. I feel like it will help you and I out more. Something that I am going to start doing now is start sending you guys a chapter to study for today. And mom and dad, it is your guys' resposibility to find some for the rest of the week. I want to do this so you guys can be more unified. That has been riding me for the past few months. I have seen families who do their studies and are so unified and have huge callings. And I have seen families who don't do anything. The difference is huge. Just taking out 25 minutes during the day is worth it. It is kind of like my personal studies. If I go one day without one. It is like I lost my soul. I can't function or help out people. I know you guys can be a very strong family. The chapter I would like you all to study this week is in the Bible. 1 Corinthians 9. I like it because the end verses I use for the Word of Wisdom. The rest of it I like because it gives me a good jump start of excitement and happiness for the work and my own authority.

This week was amazing and I hope for an even better one. We have transfers in a week and a half. I really don't want to go.


Elder Medina