The Lords Chips

Monday, April 20, 2015

Going Strong

Dear Mom,

Dang, way to go Emilio. Get that number and keep it. My companion and another missionary says good work. Olivia, she's so CUTE! Alesia, you really need to start charging for your performances. You look like a future stage ninja.

This week was very fruitful still. We were able to have another baptism of a young woman. She wanted to get baptized last week but she couldn't because her mom wouldn't give her permission and she drank coffee X(. But now she did get it and she is very positive still. She is very happy and helps us out with her older brother. We were able to get a good turn out this week. We had a bit of a gang scare yesterday for the first time in a REALLY long time. So there was a bunch of soldiers walking around the other elders area because that was supposedly the danger. But me and Elder Lloyd were blessed with a really good day. Hey! Just a movie suggestion. There is a new movie out by the church. it is an amazing movie! #becausehelives. Mom, put that on my facebook for me please!

I am still in the same area. I am "killing" Elder Lloyd or in other words, being his last companion. It's funny because there are planes that fly over our area everyday. You know what's really amazing? We are going to meet Elder Alonso (area 70) this week. I am looking forward to that day.

I love you guys. Keep up the good work.

Elder Medina

PS- We went to the hospital for Elder Lloyd a while back. I weighed myself and I weigh 155 lbs.......I'm getting fat......

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Gift of Music and Holy Week in El Salvador

Dear Mom, 

This week has been pretty weird. Elder Lloyd didn't have and intestinal infection. He had Dengue. The calm kind though. He didn't have the horrible death one. He is ok now. Just weak from the constant strain. He lost a whole lot of weight because he didn't want to eat. I loved conference. I liked the area seventy who talked about music. "I teach you to dance, but you need to hear the music." And, "We learn to dance with our minds, but we hear the music with our hearts." Its probably what I loved the most. Obviously Elder Hollands' talk was spectacular. It was a great way to explain the Plan of Salvation. I love getting more mature, because I appreciate more the general conference sessions. I was able to get some really great notes in. The investigators liked it too. We have a baptism lined up this weekend. His name is Romeo Alfaro. He is an older gentleman. He seems like he'll be pretty good. And next week, I am praying for two more. A young lady wants to, but she needs her mom's permission. Sad, we've been working super hard. 

Mom, I was thinking a lot about the music analogy. You tried tirelessly to teach me to dance. I just can't do it. But I still liked that quote, I love music. I do, you do too. And I love that you do. You showed me a great example of what it is like to be more appreciative of God's gift to us. I have a special place in my heart for music. Being in choir in high school gave me a better group of friends. And a happier view on life. I had a really depressing time in high school around sophomore year, and to be perfectly honest I didn't really want to be me. I wanted to just end it. But that musical group of friends saved my butt from myself. And you, mom, helped me to have a base to love music. I have always had good music in the house. Mostly because you showed what was good and what was not. I'll admit I still like a little different. But we have a lot in common. I took it for granted. You have always loved me in a way that makes symphonies sound lame. You've been a great mom. I thank you for that. I really do. Thank you for making music a big part in my life. Michael Jackson all the way. Man in the Mirror, all that. 

I love you guys, lets beat all of the symphonies and mozart and make the best family band in world by living these principles of the restored Gospel. Thanks guys.

Easter, sucked. We did nothing fun. Just conference. Easter really doesn't exist here. But these cool alfombras de sal do. They have something here called semana santa. It is basically a week to remember the last week of Christ's life. Which people use to go to the beach instead. The Catholics go crazy. The Jehova's Witnesses do their only sacrament service. And so on and so forth. But, it was still interesting. My companion and I got Pringles for the conference. And juice, and I brought a big box of cereal for the Sunday session. And then we ate spaghetti too. We had fun. We watched it in English Well, that's what happened this week. Oh, and my suit pants ripped, they're getting repaired as we speak. Yeah, I'm getting old in the mission. My pants are breaking, the zipper is destroyed on another pair, another got stained by something that looks like bleach. And yeah. Life is good. 

I love you guys, keep up the buen trabajo.


Elder Medina