The Lords Chips

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Companero, Service and Mini me!

Dear Mom,

I am doing a whole lot better  with fasting. I like it a lot more than
before, and I feel really good when I do fast. I am glad that Diego is
still on top of his scooter riding. More than anything with school,
(not saying I have any room to lecture you at the moment.) But look at how
  you're feeling right now. If you've given it everything you've got,
and feel like you still need to do it. Go for it. If not, if you feel like
you're needed elsewhere. Find that place first, and stick with it. My
hand progresses to feel better ,but I hate this wrap thing on it. I am
going to the hospital tomorrow to get the metal thing changed on it. I
am learning slowly, but surely to be more patient. My companion is
helping me a lot right now. I have a new one, his name is Elder
Custodio. He's a lot like me and it's kinda scary. But we're catching
fire and we've found some great people to work with.We'll keep you
posted. I love you guys and I hope that everything is ok!


Elder Medina
                                                            Goodbye Elder Granillo
                                                            Hello Elder Custodio

                                                                     Mini Me!
                                                               Missionary in training

                                                           Getting my work out in


Thursday, February 20, 2014

We've Hit a Wall

Dear Mom,
You will see the picture, but my hand is nice and wrapped up. I don't like trying to shower. I have employed plastic bags to cover it up. It is fractured. It will take about a month to heal up right. My diet is okay. I am eating healthier. The members only feed us on Sundays and it is usually lunch. Other than that, we're fighting dogs in the street for our food. Not really. I am getting a little frustrated. We are literally trying so many different ways to teach people. We evaluate and re- evaluate and keep trying to find new people. And all we've got is one baptismal date. For April because he's  a super alcoholic and  smokes cigarettes. He's working his tail off to dejarlo (ask dad he'll know) and he's super positive. It's so hard. Almost always our plans fall through. But I'm still trying to be positive. I really like talking to the people in the street. I have found it's pretty fun. But some people like to give us the hand or just ignore us. Me and Elder Granillo don't know what is going to happen this next change. I am a little curious what will happen. I'll keep you posted. Just one favor, from the eyes of a missionary. Please help the elders with references or family home evenings, and more than anything, complete visiting teaching. We've lost a recent convert because the visiting teachers didn't ever go by. Other than that. I love you all. And Diego, please take off the dress homie. Put on a banana suit or something like that: Haha! Love you guys!


Elder Medina

Monday, February 10, 2014

Help From My Patriarchal Blessing

Dear Dad, 

I did figure it out. I have gotten my head out of my butt and am now doing better. A lot better. I got the slap to the face. President, has had elder Granillo these past two weeks, prepare me for being senor companion and possibly train, and a slight chance of a leadership. I am taking out my childish ways and being more mature and doing a lot more things different. I am working on taking out the slang and being more humble and so many other things that i can't even count. oh yeah, the most hardest thing, patience. Do you have any good ideas? Thanks for the fatherly advice.


Elder Medina

Dear Mom,

Today or tomorrow me and Elder Granillo are going to go to the Orthapedic doctor. It is Starting to hurt less. My
headache was because the night before I was throwing up because of the rice ball things that our "mom" made for us.  I have decided that cake, rice, bananas, and soy sauce and warm milk stuff makes it all grody inside. I am sorry about your sickness going on. I am fighting a runny nose and cough right now. Thats pretty much it for my health. Other than that, I'm pretty ok with everything. Diego and his cake. Priceless. I found something in my patriarchal blessing  that gave me a good slap to the face a couple days ago.I was so stressed out  about why I wasn't baptizing people like all of the other missionaries. I have been studying and doing everything i can to find people. I read something, and realized something, about my last two areas. I am supposed to bring less active, and inactive members back to the church. The last two areas, we have had literally no luck finding people to baptize. But we have also found a whole bunch of less active members in the areas.  This doesn't mean that I am just focusing on the less and in active members. I am still searching for investigators. By the way,  we had two investigators in church this week! We haven't had any for more than a month! I have lost the fear of talking to people in the street and being so uptight. This next change will be interesting. I'll keep you posted. I love you guys!


Elder Medina

Monday, February 3, 2014

Broken Finger, Bridges and Headaches

Dear Mom,
Well to start off I will try to be positive at the moment. I have broken my pinky. I was playing goalie today. Another American buddy, Elder Edwards, kicked the ball with all he had. And it hit my pinky with a force that made me screamm like Shawn and Gus. I just thought that I jammed really bad and pulled it. Bad idea. So I looked at it and popped it because it was at an angle that it should have not been. I didn't know that a finger could pop that loud. A coulple of other Elders whe were nearby cringed. Other than that, i am feeling okay-ish. My head is still hurting. I am getting bad headaches. I am going to get it checked out. Yes, i am glad too, that I am trying to grow up. It is hard, but worth it. Ouch, liquid fire through my pinky......... I hope that the sickness leaves you guys. Please know that you will be ok. I am always praying for you guys. Tell uncle Tom that I said hi and I love him. I love all of you. Keep working hard and be happy.

I am sending pictures of a bridge that we have to cross to get to different areas. It is about 100 meters up  with no railings (I know you don't want to hear that) but it is the best way to get where we are going. The food that I am eating with the chopsticks is, a ball of rice with banana filled Maiz and soy sauce. Super tasty.

I ripped one of my bags on a table when I was standing up and had to have it fixed. Look how old the sewing machine is that she is using to fix it.
igualmente mamá. espero que ustedes van a ser mejor sin problemas de salud este semana. translation, Same to you mom. I hope that you guys will be be better without health problems. Don't worry about school it'll all work out. You are still trucking through it. Keep it up mom. I love you.

                                                                   Scary Bridge

                                                             Old sewing machine

Elder Medina