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Monday, February 3, 2014

Broken Finger, Bridges and Headaches

Dear Mom,
Well to start off I will try to be positive at the moment. I have broken my pinky. I was playing goalie today. Another American buddy, Elder Edwards, kicked the ball with all he had. And it hit my pinky with a force that made me screamm like Shawn and Gus. I just thought that I jammed really bad and pulled it. Bad idea. So I looked at it and popped it because it was at an angle that it should have not been. I didn't know that a finger could pop that loud. A coulple of other Elders whe were nearby cringed. Other than that, i am feeling okay-ish. My head is still hurting. I am getting bad headaches. I am going to get it checked out. Yes, i am glad too, that I am trying to grow up. It is hard, but worth it. Ouch, liquid fire through my pinky......... I hope that the sickness leaves you guys. Please know that you will be ok. I am always praying for you guys. Tell uncle Tom that I said hi and I love him. I love all of you. Keep working hard and be happy.

I am sending pictures of a bridge that we have to cross to get to different areas. It is about 100 meters up  with no railings (I know you don't want to hear that) but it is the best way to get where we are going. The food that I am eating with the chopsticks is, a ball of rice with banana filled Maiz and soy sauce. Super tasty.

I ripped one of my bags on a table when I was standing up and had to have it fixed. Look how old the sewing machine is that she is using to fix it.
igualmente mamá. espero que ustedes van a ser mejor sin problemas de salud este semana. translation, Same to you mom. I hope that you guys will be be better without health problems. Don't worry about school it'll all work out. You are still trucking through it. Keep it up mom. I love you.

                                                                   Scary Bridge

                                                             Old sewing machine

Elder Medina

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