The Lords Chips

Monday, March 2, 2015

Under the Weather

Dear Mom,

Darn it, I will be praying extra for Emilio now. Like him, I was sick to this last week and still am. I need to go take a poop test today, just to make sure I don't have a parasite again. I also have a cold. I started out with horrible stomach problems. Now it is just a good old cold. Not the best stuff in the world. We moved today too. We have a cooler house that is in our area too.

This week was full of trials for us. After working our hinds off for the past 6 weeks, almost all of our investigators are turning A wall on us. Our one super good baptism date told us he had a dream that Christ appeared in a pizza and he felt that God revealed him to go back to the Catholic church. A couple that my last companion baptized in October are getting divorced, because they weren't ready to get married yet apparently. And we had a curfew due to crazy political elections. It has been hard but we have been pulling through it. 

I feel stronger though through all of this. I feel like the Lord is going to bless me soon with something great.

I got the jersies. Olivia, you should like yours. I got I think the number 14. They are both really cool. Emilio, you take care of yourself. I don't want to get a call that you croaked! Keep on keeping on bro. You're a beast. You can live! Mom, nice different shoe thing, did you not know that it is the new style? Everybody wants to do that now!

I love you guys. Keep on with what you're doing!


Elder Medina