The Lords Chips

Friday, May 29, 2015

Beach Day!

Dear Mom,

Oh, injury stories. The sister's feet. Olivia, yes I do remember coming home from that senior trip. That was exhausting. On top of bible bashing with an old guy (that was a bad idea). Olivia looks so cute now! I showed all of the people in my pasaje her graduation notice. Every lady in the street thought that she looked beautiful. Especially her hair. Way to hold the beautiful family genes there. 

Having a companion who is finishing the mission is pretty hard. It is almost impossible to not feel baggy at times. At times we'll think of pros and cons of going home. It's pretty funny sometimes. A whole lot of people have been showing feelings and love to my companion. It's pretty funny actually. The work is going great. We are still finding some great people. In a literally Catholic society on Sunday, we found a guy sitting outside, he let us talk to him and share a bit of our message. He was a great man, he told us of how he overcame drinking and a whole lot of other stuff. And how he and his family are doing a whole lot better. We are just going to help him get a little bit closer now ;). 

Today was the best P-day in the world. We all went to the beach (with authorization) and played beach soccer! I found like a million shells to bring home with me. For free too! I wore a hat that was "regalado" given as a gift to guard my neck from turning more black. Elder Lloyd got sun burnt as well as a few other guys. I can now understand why Rocky Balboa ran on the beach. It is a whole lot harder to sprint. The sand literally eats your feet as in you sink at some points. Yes, we all are wearing America jerseys made by the bishop. We got these a while ago. Now it's just waiting for the El Salvador one. It's going to be sweet!

Well, that was this week. I love all of you. Take care of yourselves. Keep up on your scripture studies.


Elder Medina

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Last Skype

Dear mom,

Yeah, skyping for the last time. I understand not being lively. It is pretty hard to be happy when you're sick. I remember my salmonella days. Like it was last week (because it was.)That was pretty tough. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed that Alesia missed out on her play. I know she was really looking forward to that. That's one thing I regret from high school, was not doing drama. It was something that I always wanted to do. 

The bishop's house was fun. While we were waiting to skype for the other guys, we watched motab movies and videos from the life of Christ. My companion had a family emergency. Please pray for him. I do not know what happened really. Please include him in your prayers. 

This week was a really great week for work. We got lots of references from members making a Mormon Lemonade Stand. We are going to try again in a few weeks and we are going to better plan it this time.

I love you mom. Happy mothers day. Stay awesome. I appreciate the maturity thing. It was something I needed to hear. This week will be dedicated to a lot of working harder and doing great stuff. Oh yeah Dad, those times. I will start working on those when I'm 100% on health.
Elder Medina