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Thursday, February 20, 2014

We've Hit a Wall

Dear Mom,
You will see the picture, but my hand is nice and wrapped up. I don't like trying to shower. I have employed plastic bags to cover it up. It is fractured. It will take about a month to heal up right. My diet is okay. I am eating healthier. The members only feed us on Sundays and it is usually lunch. Other than that, we're fighting dogs in the street for our food. Not really. I am getting a little frustrated. We are literally trying so many different ways to teach people. We evaluate and re- evaluate and keep trying to find new people. And all we've got is one baptismal date. For April because he's  a super alcoholic and  smokes cigarettes. He's working his tail off to dejarlo (ask dad he'll know) and he's super positive. It's so hard. Almost always our plans fall through. But I'm still trying to be positive. I really like talking to the people in the street. I have found it's pretty fun. But some people like to give us the hand or just ignore us. Me and Elder Granillo don't know what is going to happen this next change. I am a little curious what will happen. I'll keep you posted. Just one favor, from the eyes of a missionary. Please help the elders with references or family home evenings, and more than anything, complete visiting teaching. We've lost a recent convert because the visiting teachers didn't ever go by. Other than that. I love you all. And Diego, please take off the dress homie. Put on a banana suit or something like that: Haha! Love you guys!


Elder Medina

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