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Monday, June 30, 2014

Back to San Miguel, New Companion and Baptisms!

We have had a new change I have a new companion who is pretty straight forward, something I really need. He is super obedient and is always working super hard. I have some high hopes for this change. We started out baptizing 3 people Saturday. We put down another good baptismal date yesterday. We don't mess around really. We are serious a lot of the time. He already has taught me a good balance between work and not work. I do understand where you guys are coming from. Not too smart of me. This past week was ok and a bit toughish.But when we got to our new areas it started to get all better. I am glad for this new start. Oh, I am back in San Miguel but I am in Chaparrastique. It is still super hot and crazy. But it is so much fun and beautiful and flat of all things. I am going to try to send pictures today for you guys. Keep working like crazy.

Love you all,

Elder Medina

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