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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July and Awesome New Companion!

Dear Mom, 
This week has been pretty crazy. I was able to celebrate the 4th of July. Our district leader, who is my companion took divisions with another companionship. I was able to have another fellow American with me. We bought pupusas and listened to God Bless America very loudly. No, I failed to take pictures of the moment. My goodness Alesia. Again with the arm. That isn't good. Thanks for the revelation of your nice dream there mom. Actually had an experience about that yesterday afternoon. We found a new investigator and he was talking to us and told us to visit his neighbor and he added on at the end that she was single and looking and she's supposedly pretty young. I responded that I am taken and that she's serving the Lord on a mission too and I didn't want anything less than that. He looked at me and said, oh, sorry. My companion has had an interesting few days. He is dealing with some random hardcore pains all over his body. He accidentally overdosed on some pills too. And now he's just waiting for the effects to wear off. Which requires him to sleep, a lot. We are going crazy trying to contact people here. It's crazy. I will keep to the rules mom. Don't worry about that. My companion is  Elder Hernandez. He is from Panama and is 22. He's pretty chill and really nice. I like him. A bit of a man who really likes control kinda like me. So we're working on unity right now. Which is getting a lot better. I love you guys and I hope all of you guys are ok and feeling love. I can feel yours. Keep working hard.


Elder Medina
                           One of the awesome paths we get to travel
         A typical day in El Salvador lately. Lots of rain, heat and humidity.

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