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Monday, July 28, 2014

Super hot! But Super Happy!

 Dear Mom,

This is crazy, Emilio looks like a legit teenager and not little anymore. I almost came apart for a second. Everyone running? You're all a step ahead of me. All I'm doing is a little bit of ab workouts in the mornings and pushups and pull ups sometimes. Never really run. So yeah, you might beat me. For a month haha! Challenge accepted. I really haven't got many packages or letters since I've been here. Maybe they are just not getting to me. But it's okay. No, I have not received your package yet. When did you send it? I use a fan, air conditioning doesn't exist here or at least not in any of the houses I've lived in. My sweat glands are constantly worked, from that, little tiny volcanoes pop out on my face daily. What's Uncle Jon doing in Mexico? And not bringing me cool stuff? So not fair. This week was pretty nice. Me and my companion are getting along good and we've been having a bit of better success. Oh, my companion loves to swim. He keeps telling me that he wants to set a record or something like that. This week has been better though, we've had investigators progressing really well and people listening more. One of our investigators has given us a big step of confidence, he's waiting to get baptized but he wanted to help the work progress. He helped us to put together a fireside, a legit one, to get the work going in his neighborhood. It was pretty awesome. I love you guys and hope everything is ok.

Elder Medina

                                    It's hot! Look at that sweat!

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