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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Mission President and Love Being Back in San Miguel

Dear Mom,

This week was actually very interesting. We had a very nice incoming of new investigators this week. All was from one member who is still waiting for his baptism because he needs to receive a divorce. We just went to visit his friends and almost all of them were super positive. Except for one that just wanted to bible bash. We had a great week though. Tell Alesia to drink Pepto Bismol. Supposedly it's the cure-all for everything in this country.  I love my new Mission President. He is very nice and loving to everybody. Uncle Tom getting married? I thought I would be his best man? I miss President Glazier too. He left me a good challenge and it was to love others  and forget the problems. It's a bit hard but it's really great. My companion and I have been having more success because of it. Give a big hug to Tom for me for fishing the Book of Mormon. We are working hard always. I always come home super tired. And a bit grumpy from lack of food and water at times. But I love being back in San Miguel. I am glad all of you guys are semi-decent and still have limbs intact. Love you all!


Elder Medina.

PS- LOSING WEIGHT!!!!! I love exercise in the morning.

                           Unusually messy for my usually clean boy (notice the picture of Diego that we sent him. His shirt says "track star, just like my big brother."
                                           Trying new foods         

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  1. WOW!!! That's a palace compared to the places he's lived so far. He sounds great and still so upbeat. Love Elder Medina...