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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sugarcane Heaven and Hoping for a Better Week

Dear Mom,
Wow, Camille got married? Wow! All of the girls I graduated with are tying the knot Ha ha! But that's great. She's gonna do great things. Does Emilio have ice cream in that picture? So not fair. I love weddings, so much food. I miss food so much. This area doesn't have any. Our cocinera doesn't make a whole bunch. But we try to "harvest" from other members... Chad, dang it. I'm sad for them both. Let them know that I love them. This past week we had a bit of an inconvenient pass by. We had a man ready, I was going to surprise you guys, for baptism. But he came out and told us that he had killed a man back in '99. So we had to get an interview with the zone leaders and the mission president. He has the set back of three months now. He acted like he took it good. But this Sunday he didn't go to church. So the 2nd councilor of the bishopric went to visit him. And found that he was drinking. He didn't tell him an exact reason. So me and Elder Herdandez are going H.A.M. trying to find a way to help him out. On a positive note, we were able to find a new investigator that is golden. The only thing that worries me is that she's 14. I haven't had the greatest luck with teenagers in the past. So I am praying that everything will go ok. I had bronchitis for a good little bit. But now I'm good. We were able to have a good service project gone bad. We tried to harvest corn (by hand) but when we got there. All of it was too small and we had no work to do. So we went to a sugar cane field, ate some sugar cane. Went to a waterfall and tried to harvest mango's
. Which weren't there either. So we really had a long morning walking around. I was happy about one thing more than anything. I have a fridge full of sugarcane. Which tastes so amazing. This week we hope for a better week and a lot better results. I love you all.


Elder Medina

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