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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Breakouts and Teaching Lessons to Cops

Dear Mom,
Yes, I have Tori's email and I am staying in touch with her. I wish I was able to see Dad in his eye patch. You're working with the missionaries! Sweet! I am so glad that you are doing that. That's probably one of the hardest trials we have, is getting the members to support us and help us out. Things are going alright. My face is breaking out so bad right now.  It is so hot and I am sweating constantly. I wash my face like crazy and I scrub it pretty good. I really don't like it and I would like some advice to clear it up. One thing that I really need is my True to The Faith book. Could you please tell Dad to send that my way. Sorry.  But, something awesome that happened this week. We weren't able to have a whole lot of lessons. But a great load of our investigators are progressing. We are at the moment teaching to cops (dad) and they both are so amazing. They always ask amazing questions. We have been able to testify to them so much and they are doing so well.I love all of you guys mom. Siguen adelantes y firmes y creientes en la palabra. No tengan temor, sé y testifico que el Señor va a darles exito y bendiciones sin numero y sin fin. Les amo bastante.
Love, Elder Medina

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