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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Curfew Changed to 5

Dear Mom, 
Dad getting eye surgery?Let him know I'll pray for him. Give him a hug for me please. Emilio is the activities chairman?! Great! I know he'll do good with that, he's got a million great ideas all of the time. Well, apparently this week should be better, we've had to be in the house at 5pm these past 3 days. The gangs were going crazy on their whole gang life stuff. The sister's area in our zone got shut down because it got so bad. But today has been pretty calm. Yes, Elder Brinkerhoff is here,  he's a funny guy. Me and Elder Ruiz have been going crazy trying to find people here. There is a bunch of hard catholics here who really just like to contend with us. But, we are diligent in finding more and more people to teach. I was able to shower out of a bucket again, it was really awesome. Still peeved about having to wash my own garments still. I am so glad that you all are doing ok. Give everyone a hug for me! Love you guys, keep working hard. I apologize for not sending more pictures. This computer is super slow and is not uploading very fast. Here is a picture of my bed and room. I know it is super messy. I am going to clean it up today. Notice my mosquito net.


Elder Medina

PS- I have to cook for myself here too. Normally we have a cocinera, or a cook. But here, we literally don't have too much. But it's ok, I still remember the food you cooked and I am starting to cook it myself. And I still am a firm believer in cereal and eggs (thanks dad for that!)
Note from Mom: In the last two emails Elder Medina has mentioned "gang activity." He has downplayed it quite a bit, so we wouldn't worry. Unfortunately over 35 people have been killed already during all of this.  It has become a very dangerous situation in their country. Which worries a Mom of course. Please pray for safety and protection for all of the missionaries and people of El Salvador during this time.

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