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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Skyping on Mother's Day (Written by Mama)

Yay! We got to have our second skype with Elder Medina. That means we are close to the half way point. We tried to be better prepared this time. As a family, we wrote down a bunch of questions to ask him.

Here are some of the questions and answers

*What is the best food you have tried?    Papusas
*What is the weirdest thing you have ate?    He recently tried Chicken genitals (yuck!)
*How are your shoes and clothes holding up?   He gave a pair of dress shoes to his companion, because he needed some good shoes. He was taping the inside of his shoes. He also gave his nice pair of boots to the zone leader because his were in pieces.
* What is a typical p-day like?   He goes shopping, emails family and the president, plays soccer and does service.
* What do you miss most from home?  He misses wearing "real" clothes and music other than Mo-tab and the snow. He said it is always so hot and he sweats non stop.
*Where have you been getting all of the other clothes that you have been wearing?  The missionaries there like to trade clothes with each other.
*Do you use you mosquito net faithfully?   Yes! Dengue fever is very bad right now and they have been told that they all have to use their mosquito nets.
*How much does it rain?  Lately it has been almost everyday.
*How are your feet holding up?  Good, except for an ingrown toenail. No fungus yet!!!
*How often are you fed by members?  Not very often at all. He said they just do their best to try to budget and make their money stretch as far as they can.

Other than that, it was just a lot of other random questions and conversation. Diego was so excited to see "His Victor." His Spanish is great and he looked super happy!

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