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Monday, May 19, 2014

New Transfer and New Companero

Dear Mom,
I understand about the boots thing, I told  him he's got to give them back to me when he's done. Dang! Johnny looks nice with a shirt and tie. I am so happy that he has been baptized, give him a hug for me. I did get transferred, and I got sent to open a new area with a new companion named Elder Ruiz, he's from Mexico and he looks pretty white. Him and I are just going crazy talking to people, we've got a new Book of Mormon project that is pretty successful. Me and my old companion from the MTC, Elder Jones, live in the same house now. He went and bought a hammock and when we get home at night we usually just chill in it. Our area is HUGE! But, the worst thing, is that it is a branch. There is so little people that go to church and the majority of them are women. But, it is super great, the people here are very humble and I love them and I really like this area. Girls camp huh? Oh! Mom, I have an idea for you, in our last area, what we did is that we gave a Book of Mormon to a few of the youth to give out to their friends. I don't know if it worked, I left before I could see. We were able to do a great service project, at which I got dehydrated hardcore, but the members here are super happy and helps us out now. My hillsports shirt has died. But that may be a good way to get the Youth in the ward a bit more involved in the work. I love you guys.  Keep on working hard.


Elder Medina
                                          I will miss this family
                                     and I'm going to miss this guy

                                   My new companero, Elder Ruiz

                                         A good day of service
                              Some of our awesome everyday friends

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