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Monday, October 27, 2014

Doing Great!

Dear Mom,

I am doing great. I got about 7 pairs of new garments. I cannot tell you how good it feels just to have something new on you. Because everything that I have is starting to wither away and die. I am not going to lie. A ferris wheel sounds tempting. But here, those are prohibited for missionaries. One because it is dangerous, and second, the "carnivals" are super sketchy and everyone gets drunk at those sort of things. Halloween doesn't exist here, but last year what we did was switch plaques. It was pretty fun. My companion is called Elder Wyatt. If you want you can talk to his mom. Her name is Amie Wyatt. She apperantly doesn't know about the El Salvador mom Facebook page. Pickle Ball sounds pretty epic. Just look up the Wyatt family on I have been using Elder Wyatt's camera. Speaking of which. He forgot his at the temple trip, we woke up 20 min. before we had to leave. It really stunk, we had the alarm set for 3 in the morning. And we totally slept through it. We woke up at 4:40 in the morning. We jumped up and threw on clothes and ran to the chapel (about a mile away.....). We are now starting to find more people to get them baptized. We found a member who was super inactive and he was living with another lady and they aren't married (yet) and they have a kid. And they are so cute and converted! Way to be Emilio on his band comp. I know that he is going to be a killer music man. He'll have to teach me. Katlyn and Braxton! That's my dog! They'll be a good family. Give them my congratulations in my behalf please. I'm working on and doing better at being more positive. I love all of you guys. 


Elder Medina

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