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Monday, October 13, 2014

Save Me a Piece of That Corn!

Dear Mom,

We are doing better health wise now. We have been able to kick the sickness and get back to work. The only weird thing is that I keep on getting really dizzy. We are working harder in this part of the world. We were blessed to have another baptism from less actives kids who we have fought for. Their stepdad is actually starting to show some progress. Now that he has seen us starting to help his kids, he has started to be less mean and showing more progress. We are starting to work on him getting married to get him baptized as well. The girl, her name is Odaly. She always looks mad. But when she was at home the next few days, she has been super nice to her whole family. When we had visited them after the whole amazing day. She has been reading the scriptures and helping out her mom more, who has chikungunya as well. Yes rain continues to fall. It gets actually kind of horrible. It really stinks because a guy stole my umbrella in the first few months here. And my last new one got broken. So I need to get another one, my body gets quite wet. But everything goes well. It really didn't hit me that grandma passed, until a few days ago. I do miss her a lot. I am glad that the mortuary did a good job talking with the kids. That was such a nice thing for them to do. Good job to Alesia for singing at the funeral. Have you guys seen the Meet The Mormons movie?I saw something on the church website. It looks really good. I miss you guys. I love you all.


Elder Medina

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