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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Little "Baggy" and Earthquake Recap

The earthquake was acutally really fun. I was planning with my companion. And we started giggling a lot. And then we finally started to think when it got stronger, we should probably leave the house right now. So we did and there was a bunch of people in the street and little kids calling for parents. The adults were all fine and we were cool. Except a member two doors down from us, she got scared for us and sent her son to check on us. We were still in the giggle stage. Thank you for the love. I haven't gotten the package yet. I did get your letter. I liked it a lot. I did feel a bit baggy about it.(I asked Victor what Baggy meant and he said that it meant "trunky" or missing home.) About the plates, I haven't seen a single one. Everyone here is so poor and they use a lot of plastic plates. And sometimes little buckets.  ( I asked Victor if he has seen any decorative plates. I wanted him to get one and bring it home with him, so we could having something to display in our home that signified El Salvador) Olivia is tearing it up with Cross Country. Way to be for her. I am proud of her. Emilio is still a beast. I know finishing towards the end isn't the best feeling. I remember feeling that way. I used to talk to a lot of freshman about it. My philosophy is if you give it all and you are not ashamed about what you've done in the race,  you still accomplished a personal goal. My companion is a great man. He has a mormon message about his family. You should check it out. He is a really good guy. We are trying to do a lot more with the area here. I remember small branches, but that small. Dang Elder Keil's getting it hard out there. I hope he isn't getting chased by orks or by elves. I forgot to tell you. We are building a house. It is actually hard. Super hard. Without real tools and cement. We are using rocks, a hammer a shovel and a couple other odd tools. And wood, tin, and nails. It is a very fun experience. But it stinks when we get dehydrated.
I love you guys. Thanks for your prayers. I hope everything goes great this week for you guys.

Elder Medina

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