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Monday, November 3, 2014

Trying to Recover

Dear Mom,

This week has been pretty decent. I am doing fine, however, my companion has come down with pneumonia from the chikugunya. And my dizziness still stays. It isn't getting any better. All they have told me is eat more and drink more which is hard in a country with little food and not the safest water to drink. We spent the whole day in the darn hospital. I am a little peeved about that. It really wasn't all too great. This week went really well. We had a HUGE fireside in a members house. And we are starting to do them every week. Now it is just up to the members to keep it going. Here, activities don't exist unless we do them. I did get that package. We both enjoyed it. Those airhead candies are so YUMMY! I miss american candy so much. The candy here has no awesome punch to it. 

You guys are going to the Nashville Tribute Band!? Darn! I want to go. Just 9 more months!! You can do anything for 9 months right? We just had Changes last week. I am still with Elder Wyatt which I am happy about.

 So Logan, went to Sadies with Liv? That's okay. He knows she's the holy grail to me. Gotta look out for the little Sis.  Oh yeah, there is some kid here in my area who saw the family picture and found Olivia on Facebook. He is asking a friend request. I told him to cool it. But he's still a small grasshopper. Just tell her to ignore it.

Dad and his training, that stinks sorry about that.  Lots of hugs and kisses. Life is going on here. It feels hotter every minute. But suffering through the heat is worth it. I am feeling a lot closer to the Spirit lately. I have been working a lot on not being a mad man. When I am planning something out with the members here (which feels like pulling teeth,) they usually put all of the hard stuff on us and that usually falls on me, because Elder Wyatt has other things to worry about. Which makes since with as sick as he has been.It stinks because we still have the investigators here. But it is still worth it. I am starting to learn how to be more level headed during planning on my own. Not saying that I like it. But, now I can do it. I love you mom. Keep on being awesome. Keep the boy gate up on Olivia and Alesia. Keep a good eye on Emilio and Diego. Even Diego gets girls out here saying he's cute in the pictures you send me.

See you next week.


Elder Medina

                                            Poor Elder Wyatt

                                            A walk in the jungle

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