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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Possible Transfers and Preparing for the Holidays

Dear Mom,

Everything is going great. We really don't have too much planned for thanksgiving. It is kind of sad. We haven't really eaten at the mission Presidents house yet. We will I assume this next month. He is a really great man. He has helped me out a lot. We are doing a whole lot more of contacting here. Me and my companion have been contacting like crazy. We got 21 new investigators this week. Lately this past month, we have been leaving with members everyday in divisions to get more people. I have been able to see myself teaching people with such power that it has been amazing. It has been a really great week. I am glad that we've been doing better.
Diego still cries all the time? Darn that stinks. Tell him I love him and good luck in preschool. He's got to get this down eventually. 
My shirt size is like a 14 1/2. The 15's are big on me now. I didn't even think about Skyping next month too much. Just wondering more than anything if I am going to get changed or not. I really hope I don't. I have done so much work here. We got some of our area stolen by the zone leaders (grrrr) and we have had to drop a boatload of baptismal dates and amazing investigators. We have to start over from scratch. But we're going at it again. I really love this place (San Miguel. ) I don't want to go. But we'll have to see. 
Yeah, I am pretty sure a tree isn't going to exist for me this year....again. Darn it. Oh well, I will just draw a picture of one. Happy birthday Diego! Love you lots and you had better be a good boy! Don't make me tickle you!  
Mom,I am glad that your YW conference went well. We have been focusing on conversion too. It is a commitment from God. Not with us. I am authorized to give these commitments as well as all missionaries. It isn't us who they negate. It is God. Even if they get baptized if it is just to do it. It is in vain. Because one is only edified over sand not anything firm. Give it good mom. I know you've got this.
Oh yeah, look at my awesome CTR socks that can withstand anything. I guess they aren't El Salvador approved haha! And breakfast of champs, Ramen!!!


Elder Medina

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