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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Area, New Companero

Thanks for your support. I am feeling a little better. Elder Vasquez and I had a good change. After it all, we are pretty good with each other. My new area is pretty cool. The support from the members is so much stronger than the last area. My new companion is Elder Granillo. He is from Mexico, Pueblo to be exact. We usually do changes every month or month and a half. He's a good guy that is super nice and awesome. He's about a year into his mission. Medicine.....has been taken. I did get your package. Thanks a ton! It made me and my companion very happy. This Christmas season, I want to ask you guys to do something please. We are asking the members here to do the same. How I like to put it. Find the flowers the gardner wants to have back in his garden. Try to look for some people who you feel that need the gospel. As members and missionaries we all have a  missionary plaque, on our hearts. When we were babtized, we promised to do all the Lord asked, that means as President Monson said,  "Be a missonary. Every member is a missionary."

                              Real food! Besides cornflakes!
Don't you guys forget either. You all are children of God. And He is always there for you. Just reach for him. 

I love all of you. Merry Christmas. (What's Thanksgiving?)


Elder Medina

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