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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Mom,
Everything here is going alright. Me and my companion are doing alright. The only thing that stinks is that we have this one lady who is always talking to us like, hey, when is my baptism going to be? The only thing is that she never shows up or she lied about a requirement or something along those lines. Now, she is legally married, but she is never home and we can't meet or talk to her to see if she is doing alright. It's really frustrating. We did baptize two people however. Which was awesome. I have now figured out how much it sucks when there is no water in the house. Our well to the house was out for two days...... I smelt nasty.... Now however, I am clean and very happy.  Thank you for sending some family Christmas love. I hope that all of you are doing ok I love you all. How are you guys doing with your family missionary work? Have you gotten with the elders there? I really don't know when I get my letters. I just know how the packages work. But I'm assuming at only multizone conferences and at exchange meetings. On P-days I only have 15 min for the Mission President and 30 for you guys. So 45 min in total to email everyone. I am currently serving in San Salvador and my stomach is starting to get better except my companion is sick now. Well, I gotta go. Be good all of you! 


Elder Medina

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