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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas in El Salvador and P Day fun

Dear Mom,
I have recieved everything for the Skype account. My allergies are kicking me in the rear like crazy. My medicine is helping me just a little bit. We have 6 christmas dinners for wednesday. I am going to die of food. We now have an official mom in our area. She is a member and is just like you. She goes crazy when we have a problem or something like that. She heard that my companion got sick and she brought us a bunch of food. Ok, my companion changed the time, 24th at two thirty in afternoon. Good job on the missionary work.  I am kind of jealous that Tori got some free luggage, that stuff is expensive. We got to sing in a christmas choir here. We also had a christmas and testimony activity at the presidents house.

                                                               Waiting for the bus
                                                                   P Day fun

                                                 Testimony meeting at President Glazier's
                                                                  My new Casa

                                                              Outdoor plumbing

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  1. He looks great. So glad to see him happy..luckily he can find fun anywhere!!!