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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Haircuts, Back Flips and a Little Espanol

Dear Mom,
My stomach is still kicking it just fine. And actually, a day after I sent you that e-mail the letter came. Sorry about the scripture it is, Alma 18:17. By far my favorite. Of course CV got stomped, oh well, I'm not in high school anymore I can't say anything right? I hope you'll be ok, but I'm glad that you guys are all alright. Ok now I have a crazy story for you, I have got this elder in my district. He got his haircut here (I did today as well, a picture will be enclosed). He was happy it was cut nice. Until he found what the hairstylist had missed, which he didn't notice for a week, she failed to cut the hair on the back of his neck. He go so mad, it was hilarious, he jumped up out of dinner, stormed to the dorms, grabbed MY shaving cream and his towel. The whole time fuming. My favorite thing he said  was this, "first, my stomach, second, my language, now my dang NECK!" We were all dying! The whole way back to the classroom, samething, fuming and being mad that his neck looked like "Wolverine". We shaved his neck and we got some pictures of it. Our district leader looked at him, heard the story and said "let's just leave it for a day, let him bask in his unknownglyness", we all laughed and he got red-faced. He got it shaved though now he's all happy. My hair I think looks fairly decent for the spanish I did know (I asked to her to shave my neck). Today Elder Hunt, the one who I flew out with, promised me that he would teach me how to do a backflip. So that's what I'm gonna do. Go for a run, and learn how to do a backflip and finish up with a devotional today. My suits are getting dry-cleaned right now. 180 pesos for my suits and the pants that go with it. That is equivelant to $13.68 in American money. Crazy huh? I miss everyone too. I keep expecting in the morning to seeing Diego or you or dad. The other night I had a dream that dad came home from work and woke me up playing modern warfare 3 (he did do that by the way). I woke up to, instead, fireworks (they light them off here for no apparent reason) and police sirens. I was kinda mad, mainly because I was awake at 2 in the morning. Now for a little spanish for you.
Hoy, yo y mi compaƱero. Fue al cortar nuestras pelo. Los lederes del zona estan aqui tambien. Me encanta el CCM. Mis maestros es muy amoroso a mi y mi districto.
Ok that's ok for now, I can speak it ok, but typing and writing it is a whole different ball game. My afternoon teacher, Hermana Velasquez, came in and saw what we had drawn in our free time. You will see it in the picture I will send you. She laughed and saw that we had started our quote board, we put quotes that are inspirational or funny. It depends on what we feel. But, she just laughed again and told us in spanish how much she loved our district. We now have what we call el dia de las galletas on thursday. Our teachers love it. Our branch president loves how we are growing so close as a district. I do too, they feel like my family away from my family. I have a love for them, along with our investigators. They are teachers acting a proxies for the actual ones. But my morning teacher, Hermano Carrillo, feels that my and my companion, Elder Jones, are ready for an actual one and is setting up a time for her to come in for us to teach her. I'm scared but excited too. We had what is called TRC where we have local members come in and ask us questions. I, to my suprise, understood a vast majority of what was being asked and what was being said. I'm so happy with how I'm progressing with the language. However, the grammar for spanish makes as much sense as a food label. So confusing. It drives me nuts. It gives me headaches sometimes just thinking about it. But I know that the Lord is, and will help me through this. Happy birthday mom. You are the greatest mom in the world and I love you more than anything and the role you have played in my life. You will always be the number one, cheerleader, mom, friend, and everything I can or will ever need in my life. I love you and I promise you that you'll be ok. I'll tell you what I've come to learn here, just have complete unwavering faith. It has helped me and I know it will help you. I love you mom. I can't wait to hear from you again.
Elder Medina
                                                    Haircut time!

                          I sure wish I knew how to tell her how I wanted it

                                   Waiting for their turn. Not excited!

                                      Inspirational quotes for the day
One of our Spanish teachers
                                          Elder Hunt's backflips

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