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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Working Hard and Worn Out

Dear Mom, 
                                                       5am on P Day is too early

                                           My District. My companion is third from the left
No I did not get the letter, but Hermana Hall did. Although it may seem sacreligous, if you paste a picture of the virgin of guadalupe on the front, it will get to it's destination quicker and without tamperment. Hooray for the Utes winning! That made my P-day that much more amazing. My Spanish is slowly getting better, but I hate the grammar rules. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. My companion's name is Elder Jones, he is the young man who is standing with me by the Mexico City Temple plaque thing. He's great, he doesn't like that I run, but we compromise with basketball instead.
We went to the temple again today, so that means a couple more pictures for you guys. We went at 8:00 am, so me and my companion got up at around 5 am to get laundry done so we could play ball and so I could do a quick workout too. Probably wasn't worth it though, I feel like a walking zombie. But on a positive note, my laundry is done. It rains here pretty much everyday at about 6 pm. It stinks, I'm glad we got waterproof shoes I'll tell you that much. The studying is making my head hurt so much. We are in a classroom for about 16 hours a day, except Tuesday's and Sunday's, and it's so hard. But I'm learning so much at the same time. It's kind of a love hate situation.
I'm glad to hear you're doing ok and that Alesia did good on her song. I know how she feels when someone speaks fluent Spanish, but hey, I actually was able to speak with a worker here at the MTC with ease and share some gospel principles. I can understand bits and pieces of the temple sessions now. I feel like the Lord has blessed me so much. I love you guys, I miss you all so much. Don't be mean to each other and help as much as you guys can.
Elder Medina

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