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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Week, Picture Overload and Poop

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It´s all pretty good on this front. I was a little homesick on friday but I´m all good now. My companion´s name is Elder Cardon Jones. And yes I do know Hermana Hall ( we have to go by spanish in pretty much everything). No, I did not see Cameron here, I was a little bummed about that. My companion saw his best friend from high school. We have this thing called TALL that helps us learn Spanish and all of that good stuff. I was so pumped when P-Day hit. I am so happy even doing my laundry is fun right now. The reason being, I meet some other elders and we played ping-pong while we waited. The food is alright I guess, I got diarreah on Friday and am now mostly recovered from it. Dad, you should appreciate this, I haven't had a comfortable poop since then and even since I got here! But I'm having a blast! I love it here, I did see Lexi and we took a NORMAL picture and mom, she said she would try to send it to you. I already have had the chance to teach an "investigator". My spanish is so much better than what I started out as. I can now say a FULL prayer in spanish now! I absolutely love my District and my companion, he reminds me of my friend Shay.
     Olivia, ICE YOUR SHIN!!!!!!!! You aren't going to get better unless you do that. Tell the team I'm sorry I didn't say bye and make sure you guys do your full run. Other than that I love you.
     Emilio, my main man, how's the presidential thing going? I hope you're alright buddy. Don't be afraid to help everyone.
     Alesia, my singing little sister, as much as your piano playing and singing annoyed me at sometimes. I'm itching to hear some music right now.......
     Diego, my cute little brother of epic proportions. I miss you so badly buddy. You be good for mommy and daddy ok!
     I love you all. I miss you all, and I hope that all of you are ok. As much as I love it here and all the great stuff that's going on right now, I wish I could give all of you a big hug. Here is some pictures I've taken. Next week I'll have some pictures of the Mexico City Temple! I CANNOT wait to go! I'm going this afternoon, I only have the morning to send stuff.

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