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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Week in Mexico, Conference, and Lava Lava's

                       Watching Conference. Elder Hunt (Center) is From St. George  and flew out with with me to Mexico. He is also the teacher of backflips!
                                                  Elder Becker
                                            Me with Elder Birch

                                  Elder Jones (My MTC Companion)
                                      Elder Ma'alona and ElderCox
                                                Elder Withers
                                         Beautiful Mexico flowers
                                            Too lazy to lay down
                                               Lava Lava Day!
Dear Mom,
I am still doing pretty dandy as far as money goes. The only thing that has cost quite a bit has been dry cleaning my suits. I still have a pretty good chunk left over for my luggage fees and other stuff. That is what I was going to do too. Guess what tuesday is now, Lava-lava tuesday for my district. Since we have a Samoan guy here, he lets us wear his lava-lavas. First come first serve thing going on but hey, these are pretty awesome. Comfy and so cool, I may buy one for myself when I get home. Or something like that I dunno. I am not for sure when I leave the MTC, I think I leave on Monday night. I think, they haven't put up our flight schedule yet, they will on thursday. I heard that the Federal Government was shut down to try to get money for the nation again. Not the best idea I think. There will be some serious reporcussions from that decision. But oh well, I'm not the president. How's the family? I'll tell you what, this week was hard, I had a hard time with missing Diego the most. But with the help of a great companion and an amazing district and zone leaders and my district. I was able to pull through it. A whole lot of prayers were said during this week for you guys. I hope you all are doing ok. Today was our last time going to the Mexico City temple. I was super sad but excited too. I can't wait to see the El Salvador temple. I am proud to say that I am starting to better understand the whole session in Spanish. I am so happy how my language is coming. I can't write worth the life of me though. It's like I'm taking a test, I second guess myself. But speaking it feels natural. It feels good.
Conference was amazing. Imagine the whole high school auditorium filled with missionaries watching conference. It was the greatest most neat experience in the world. I watched all of the sessions without falling asleep at all. On top of that, I got a whole lot of great notes from it. I am sad that I'm going to leave this district. I love all of them, but I know that I'm going somewhere else with more people whom I will love just the same. I love you guys, I hope you all are ok. And that guy Olivia's talking to is a great guy. I do know him, and I know he'll be cool. Have him teach Olivia spanish... Ha ha, tell him I said hi. I'll try to get some souveniers.

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  1. Hi this is Shelly Hunt I am Preston Hunts mom we net at the airport. I was looking at your sons blog and I see that you have some great pictures of my son do you think that you could email them to me so I can have a copy? My email is Thank you so much. They look like they look like they are having a great time. Thank you, Shelly