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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bugs, Chicken Brain and Working Hard

Dear Mom,
Yes, it is hard. It's crazy hard. I'm  hating the fact that I have bugs on me all of time. But it's all worth it. The work I'm doing right now, will make up for all the hard times I'm having. I love you guys. All of the people I'm teaching are so great. They are tough, this language is tough, translating everything is tough. But I'm starting to get a little better. Poco a poco, little by little. Cada dia, every day. Guess what I ate a few days ago, a chicken's brain. Not the best taste in the world. But not bad at the same time. Pupusas are actually pretty good. I'm going to learn how to make them and I'll show you guys sometime. I love you all, your prayers are heard all of the time. 


Elder Medina
                                        My first cowboy hat

The only water we are allowed to drink

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