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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rains, Big Bugs And a Birthday Celebration

Dear Mom,
This month I have a killer plan. I have a good little budget going on. I was given advice to buy the toiletries I would need for the month and from there, only buy the basic food I would need for the month. I have nicely planned out how my money will be distributed for different things during the month. I have a new drive and plan to make a legit shopping list and stick to it. Which helped me out today a lot. I have gotten some food. And I am holding up just fine. We cleaned hardcore the house today to make it look good for the upcoming change meeting this week (dum dum dummmm). I feel like I am going to leave and Elder Custodio is going to leave the area. I love this guy. He's helped me a lot to know what to do in different situations. My companion and I have had a really tough time getting our investigators to hold down appointment times. But we are working through it with a smile. Smiling when your frustrated really helps by the way. Sometimes we get some food at meetings with the President. Depends on what we're doing. I'll give Tori a good pump up on getting her call. My "mom" started to cry a little the other day, she doesn't want either of us to leave. I was a bit touching. I am, however, excited to see how this meeting will go. I hope that it will be good. Keep being the best family in the world! I love you guys with all of my heart!  Oh yeah, a car crashed into the house down the street from us today. Me and Elder Custodio wanted to have a little fun with the damaged car. I'll admit I felt a little cool with this picture. And the pictures with the two kids, the little boy wants me to tell you that I'm serving in Africa. Because he's so skinny.
We helped buy a birthday cake for the boy in this picture. It cost $14. Our "Mom" payed $7 and we payed $7. He is an investigator and has been doing really well. It would be great to have another umbrella. Mine was stolen and it is pouring down rain now. I should have enough money in my account to get one. The bug in the picture is super scary. It is called a "chicharra" We have also been teaching a family to read (those are the pictures of the family at the table with workbooks).
I'm so happy for Tori! She is going to be great in Alabama!
I love you too mom. I'm always praying for you. If you need anything at all. Let me know. I'm still here to help you. I will talk to you next week.

Elder Medina

              I'm never really sure what I am eating. I just gladly accept.

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