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Monday, March 24, 2014

In a Rut, Spiders and Service

Dear Mom,
This week has been a little crazy. We have done service with one of our investigators, in our shirts and ties. Not exactly what I wanted to do. But they are progressing really well. We are now finding out more people who are readily getting more and more prepared to get baptized. But it's super hard when they don't go to church. Our conference was a special one, Elder Oaks, and Elder Scott and a few other general authorities spoke. I did not know that Elder Scott could speak Spanish. It was really great. I am glad that you got some good information. I am quite pleased that you helped out the track team. Thank you for doing that. I miss helping them out. They're good kids. Thanks for the up to date information on my buddies. I hope that they will be happy. I would like to grow up too. Give everyone a hug for me mom! I love you and take care.


Elder Medina

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