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Monday, March 24, 2014

Broke As a Joke, Papusa Fail and Haunted House

Dear Mom,
I do now understand the whole being serious thing. This week was a bit tough. I humbled myself and me and my companion had a man to man moment to find out the things that weren't working out. I am now being more calm. Him as well. We, still, are having each and every one of our appointments fall. And on top of it. We are literally down to two bucks. But, our constant effort to humble ourselves is working out really well. As a zone, we are working to have at least 21 people we have talked to in one day. Which is really tough. But, it is really rewarding. Not too much room to goof around in. We had a few people give us the hand and completely ignored us or just flat out told us we were wrong. But we had a whole lot of people want for us to pass by this week. Even then, sometimes they aren't home. But we're working our tails off everyday. A lot of walking and talking to others. My companion is a lot like me, really energetic and loves fun stuff and is there always to lift me up. Our life is crazy. But we're working it out day after day. I now have started to develop stress pains in my back. Which doesn't feel awesome. But, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are great helps. On another positive note, the members and Elders Quorum are starting to help us out more and trust us as well. We are anticipating the change meeting next week and I'll admit, I'm a bit scared. I hope that everything goes fine. Thank you for your love mom. And last thing. Right now, I am really not eating. I have ran out of money and my funds don't go through until next Monday. Do you have $10 you can put in my account? We are trying to budget better. It is just hard because the members don't hardly ever feed us.We are left to buy every meal and the money we are given does not go far at all. This is such a poor country. I got a new budgeting sheet and am going to try harder to do better next month.

We also found out that our house is haunted. The neighbors say that at 12am you can hear desks banging around, but we don't ever notice, because we are asleep. My companion and I are going to bless our house. I also tried to make Papusas, but failed miserably.

I love you all and promise to try harder to make my money stretch farther.

Broke Elder Medina

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