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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

6 Months!!!

                            Ethan, the bird we probably shouldn't have.

Dear Mom,
The thing you should know is, my companion is exactly the same as I am, which causes problems at times, but as always, he pressured me to do the joke and I fell for it. I felt all like, ah, this is going to be hilarious for twenty minutes. Then after that, I felt terrible. I looked at him and said, por que me dijo para hacer esto? yo tal vez no voy a tener mi novia la proxima lunes. He just told me, no me importa, mi novia me dejo, usted puede sufrir tambien. I wanted to scream, but withheld from doing so. I am now getting steadly more and more tried. All of our baptismal dates fell through, the only thing that is holding them back is going to church. We found a new family that we feel  are going to be great. But, we're also dealing with people who just won't progress or won't listen. We are constantly looking for new ways to find new people. He's frustrated, (my companion) because all of his areas beforehand were pretty cake. Now he's losing his nerves. But we're still doing pretty ok. I miss you guys and I hope that you all are going to be ok. 
 Oh yeah, we rescued a bird with a broken foot. His name is Ethan. He isn't too friendly. And I'm getting a haircut today!


Elder Medina

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