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Monday, September 1, 2014

Wishing Well Service

Dear Mom,

This week was pretty ok actually. We had stake conference and we had to talk to members in order to bring people to church in their cars. But there was almost too many that we couldn't all fit in the van. We went to clean a well too. Did you know if you drop a pebble from the top of the well it could seriously injure a person. We were unable to get ourselves in the well. Being missionaries it is frowned upon in some parts to do so. Part of that service project we had to destroy a hornets nest. Not the best thing to do. We almost got killed by bees. We encountered several families who are wanting to learn this week. It has been a decent week. We were able to leave with members the majority of the time. We are planning a few activities to boost the ward unity here. Another Elder got hit by a truck today. Not too hard. Just a hard bump. He was able to laugh about it. He knocked over a guys tomatoe stand. The one thing that is pretty bad is, one of our investigators relatives has died. We haven't been able to get to them. However they did come to church. Which was pretty good. Another investigator that we found wants to get baptized. He can't yet, he's got to get his leg healed still. Another whose name is Jesus and his mom Julia. Are super nice. They actually are trying to bring friends to lessons so they can find out. I love you guys. Keep working hard back at home.


Elder Medina

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