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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sick Companero

Dear Mom, 

Do you remember when Elder Granillo was super sick and I had to stay in the house forever? That has happened again. Apparently, Elder Hernandez has chinkonguya. It is a knock off of dengue. Not too pretty. He's stuck in the house for 6 days. So what does that mean for me? Option 1 divisions, or Option 2 stay and die with him. He has been a trooper going through it all. I was talking to him last night, he tried the "I'm not sick" thing on me. But he's still got a rash all over and coughing and stuff like that. I broke down and already bought some facial cream a couple weeks ago. It helps a bit. I am glad that the running team's doing good. Is Emilio doing the water thing? He's got to live. I know that your mission activity will go on mom. Keep it up. Don't lose faith. I did get the birthday letters.They were really nice. Thanks. We are able to listen to music. As long as it's by the church we're good. I was sent a bunch by the Calamity family of the piano guys and lindsay sterling. A member just copied some hillary weeks (WOO HOO!) onto my memory. Keep on being a great lady. I love you all. 


Elder Medina

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