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Monday, August 18, 2014

Birthday Week!

Dear Mom,
To start off, is Emilio eating enough and drinking enough? Because if he doesn't drink at least a liter a day, he's going to be like that every time he runs. I am sad that stuff is happening to him. But doing that, drinking more water or powerade will help a ton. Get him a BIG water bottle. Then have him fill it up before he leaves the house. If my blender bottle is still there give it to him. Have him refill it after EVERY period at school and DRINK ALL of it during the class. One bottle every period. Olivia's tearing it up out there. Great to hear that. Thank you for birthday wishes from you guys. This week an amazing experience happened. We had an investigator that we had just barely found. His name is Edgar Antonio Reyes. He had an accident on his motorcycle three months ago and has been bedridden for a long time. He still has approximately a year to go. He is so positive though. He accepted baptism the first lesson. He told us "yo no sé si yo voy estar en el hospital este día, si estoy no puedo, si no estoy, yo voy a poner una bolsa para cubrir mi pierna.." He's got a bunch of nails holding his left knee together. And they're visible too. Not the prettiest picture. But he wanted to go to church this weekend. He was a real trooper and through pain and screaming kids in sacrament meeting, he endured all of church and said that he loved it. He looked really happy still. A huge testimony builder for me. He can't walk, he really can't do anything. But he's still trucking it and doing what God wants him to do. I miss you guys, next week I'll have a surprise picture for you all too :). Not saying anything on what it is. 


Elder Medina

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