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Monday, April 21, 2014

No Easter For Us, a Few Roadblocks and Everyday Insects

I am glad that little Luis is going to church with you guys. It is great to start them out young. Give him a hug for me and tell him I love him. That goes to Johnny and Claudia and Daisy too. Yes, Elder Hunt and I are back at it. He's doing good. We have both gained fat on our bodies that we aren't very happy about. One family that we are teaching have lost interest a bit and don't feel like baptism is necessary. They still like going to church and listening to us. The big problem with them is that they don't pray, we've stressed it so much and reading as well. It is tough I have been tried on my patience by them. I have been doing a lot of praying for them. However, we have had some good signs with the less actives here. We visited one certain man named Alejandro, we know that he has some problems and needs to change, he just clams up and doesn't tell anything or just tells a random story. But, he came to church this week and on the first invitation, he wants to come back he just needs some major help. And there's some creepy lady that checks out me and my companion. She gives us a hand shake and likes to hold onto our hands. We have to tug on our hands to pull it away! The relief society president has talked to her about this and she say ok all of the time but doesn't change. And she pulls on our ties, which causes us to leave and feel quite scared, long story short, we really don't visit them often. It's tough because they want help going to the temple and often ask us to help them out. So, we are in a bit of a hard spot here. But on a positive, we were not able to celebrate Easter, but our #2 mom, who lived in the US gave us burritos and a whole lot of chocolate. Which made us happy, and she has allowed me to borrow her English hymn book. Which is so awesome! I love you guys! Keep up on the good work.

Elder Medina

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