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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tough week

Dear Mom, 

Right now, this week has been toughish. My companion and I have a young man who wants to be baptized, but his father feels that he is not prepared enough. He wants him to prepare more. Last night while he was telling us this, the son looked like he was going to cry. He wants it so bad. Just please pray for this guy. He reminds me a lot of me when I was 14. I will take some pictures of where I live. Right now specifically, I live in Rio Grande, San Miguel. It's pretty calm here gang activity wise. Super hot though, I was told that this was probably the hottest area in the mission. I am eating pretty alright. Sometimes the food here makes me sick, it's only once every week or so. I really just want some Nasonex. I have a killer stuffy nose right now. Oh yeah, dad was super right about his powder stuff. It seems nasty and at times unnecessary, but, I would love to have some of that right now. Some dude stole my umbrella on the bus three days ago, so I need to search for a new one. My house isn't too bad. Sometimes, the water doesn't run during the day. We always have a guy that delivers water for us. Thank you for everything mom. I love you. Tell Diego I said happy birthday. Tell Pres. Rau that I said hi and Ms. Winsor too. 


Elder Medina

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