The Lords Chips

Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear Mom,

Oh, Diego my man. I would be doing the same as dad probably. "Diego! Get the ball." Oh funny, that really made me laugh. Something that my companion and I figured out, after today, only 10 more emails and then I'm home. He's supportive. It stinks really.
We're still trying to work hard. We got some more baptismal dates this week. We should have some this month. It'll be good.
We went to the beach to play ball again. I didn't want to go. But my comp did so we went. It was raining. Not fun. But the waves were HUGE!!!! On a side note. I just randomly broke out in hives this week. Don't really know why. But I'm ok now. We painted a house this week which was fun. We saw another area 70 in stake conference. Interesting. Mom, I can say that we had a great week!

Take care I love you all.
Elder Medina

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