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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dear Mom,

This week was darn sweet. For the first time in a really long time we had 31 lessons in the week. We have been super busy. We have been going crazy with new investigators too! We got 18 this week. We have a man who has a baptismal date on March 21st.  We had to move his date because he doesn't have enough church attendances. He wants to be baptized now!

Guess who solved a rubiks cube 4 times these past 3 days! I have been trying to relieve my stress lately, Elder Arias left a rubiks cube for me. And I have been working on it ever since. I finally got it! I solved it this morning too. I just get stuck on a few spots. 

As souveniers go. I saw a jersey that I wanted that the bishop makes from soccer teams and puts names on it. I already have a couple of slingshots for me and dad. I saw one for Liverpool that I liked and one for El Salvador for Olivia that I think she would like. It costs about $30 for both together. Supposedly there is a spot in Ilobasco here that sells some cool stuff. I don't know how much it costs. Basically that for right now. That's pretty much it. If you could that would be nice if not, I understand.

Spanish wise, Mom, just go crazy speaking with dad. Don't speak anything else. Even send texts like that. Watch movies with spanish subtitles, learn a song in spanish (hymns). Label stuff. Use it like you need it to live. I wish the members here gave us more food to eat. We don't get too much at times. My diet is granola, frosted flakes, water and sometimes juice, but oh well.

The wedding pictures kind of wigged me out a bit. But that's good for them. Tell them that I wish them lots of happiness. I know that Storland will be a good man. And Mrs. Storland of course. Wow, that sounds weird. Braxton that stud. They should be a good happy couple for each other. I remember that in high school Kaitlyn had a huge crush on him. I guess that worked out good for her. 

I love you all. Keep up on the hard work!!!!


Elder Medina

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