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Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Pics, Baby Food and Spiders!

Dear Mom,

I still have Elder Granillo, we just had a trio for a little while. Elder Edwards is now in San Patricio. Same zone, different area. I'm Still in San Salvador. Same area. We have gotten some new investigators and made some great progress with some less and inactives. This week was the only week that was really hard for me. We have literally done everything to find new people to teach. I have started to understand how the savior suffered. I have suffered so much this past little week. I have had my patience tried and my nerves fried with mean people these past couple weeks. I have felt a lot better these past two days. I have had the opportunity to meet and teach new people. We suffer, and we get blessed. I feel more of a real disciple of Christ. I am trying harder than ever to clean up my language and act. I can proudly say that I dont say my normal angry words when I drop something or when something scares me. I just scream like a girl. I still have trouble sometimes, but it is slowly getting better. I hope that all of you are still participating in the work of the Lord. 

Love all of you,

Elder Medina
 Elder Granillo and I had been sick. We decided baby food might be the best                                                            thing to eat.

                                   Is that Bacon? I can hardly believe it!

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