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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

(Written by Mom)
When my husband and I heard where Victor was going, we went right to Google to search everything we could about the country. After we searched all of the information that we could possibly find , we started to get a little nervous. Excited but nervous. Our first thoughts were BUGS, HEAT and DISEASE. Yikes! The thought of sending our first Missionary off to a foreign country was a little nerve wrecking.  I was secretly hoping he would serve stateside :) But after a while, we got several confirmations that this is where our son is supposed to be.

Our first experience with this was....watching the Mormon channel and seeing a video of the dedication of the El Salvador Temple. When I (Mom) watched it, I cried. Seeing all of the Hispanic people and the cultures they were celebrating, reminded me of my husband's family in Mexico. I knew for sure that this is where Victor was supposed to be serving.

Later, I saw this picture of the entrance of the El Salvador Temple. Right away I noticed the Savior with the Latino children and it made me think of my sweet Latino kids. Once again, a sweet confirmation. I know that the Lord not only gives peace and comfort to our Missionaries as they prepare to leave, but also to their parents. What a blessing!

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